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Vertical Inc, headquartered in New York, United States, is a Japanese novel and manga company founded in 2001 by Hiroki Sakai. In February 2011 the company was bought by Kodansha (46.7%) and Dai Nippon Printing (46.0%).

Most of Vertical's titles are either shōnen or seinen, but they do have a few shōjo and josei series. Some of Vertical's notable shōjo/josei titles are Paradise Kiss, Limit, and Princess Knight. Vertical has also published various novels and short-story collections.

Published titles[]

Title Author/Artist Demographic First published Last published
Helter Skelter Kyoko Okazaki Josei
Limit Keiko Suenobu Shōjo October 9, 2012[1]
Paradise Kiss Ai Yazawa Josei September 25, 2012[2] March 5, 2013[3]
Pink Kyoko Okazaki Josei
Princess Knight Osamu Tezuka Shōjo November 1, 2011[4] December 6, 2011[5]
Twin Knight Osamu Tezuka Shōjo July 30, 2013[6] July 30, 2013


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