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Magazine information
Publisher Tokyopop
Demographic Shōjo
First issue December 1998[1]
Last issue July 2002[1]
Country North America

Smile was a magazine aimed at teenage girls published by Tokyopop. At first it was supposed to be a mainstream teen mag similar to Seventeen, but with added manga; later, it became more focused on manga and removed most of its other features. It was discontinued in 2002.

Sailor Moon, Peach Girl, and Juline were serialized in the magazine. Sailor Moon was originally serialized in MixxZine but Mixx moved it to Smile because Mixx wanted to refocus MixxZine towards high school and university/college-aged readers. Smile serialized the SuperS story arc, while earlier story arcs not finished in MixxZine were finished in individual comic book publications.

Other titles include Clamp's Clover, Fuyumi Soryo's Mars, Ai Yazawa's Paradise Kiss, and Yuri Narushima's Planet Ladder.[2]


The first issue of Smile was released on December 1998. Smile continued the serialization of Sailor Moon from the former Tokyopop magazine, MixxZine. A couple issues later an OEL manga was added to the line up, Sushi Girl. In May 2000, more manga was added, including Narumi Kakinouchi's Juline and Miwa Ueda's Peach Girl to the line-up.

Over the next few years, the magazine added several successful shōjo comics to it's pages. Although in July 2002, Tokyopop decided to cancel Smile. The remaining series were then released solely released in graphic novel format.

Serialized titles[]

Title Author/Artist Genre First issue Last issue Fully serialized?
Clover Clamp Fantasy, Cyberpunk No
Juline Narumi Kakinouchi December 1998 Yes
Mars Fuyumi Soryo Romance July 2002 Yes
Paradise Kiss Ai Yazawa Drama, Romance July 2002 No
Peach Girl Miwa Ueda Comedy, Drama, Romance December 1998 July 2002 No
Planet Ladder Yuri Narushima Fantasy, Science fiction July 2002 No
Sailor Moon Naoko Takeuchi Magical girl December 1998 Yes
Sushi Girl Tavicat Yes



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