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Shōjo Sekai
Magazine information
Publisher Sazanami Iwaya
Demographic Shōjo
Circulation 200,000 (peak in 1910)
Company Hakubunkan
First issue 1906
Last issue December 1931
Country Japan

Shōjo Sekai (少女世界) was one of the first shōjo magazines in Japan. It was published by Hakubunkan beginning in 1906 and was initially edited by renowned children’s author Sueo Iwaya (巌谷 孝雄), better known by the pen name Sazanami Iwaya (巌谷 小波?).[1] Shōjo Sekai was created as a sister magazine to Shōnen Sekai, which was also edited by Iwaya, and which began publication in 1895.

According to Kiyoko Nagai, for the first ten years of its publication it was the best-selling shōjo magazine of the time, with peak circulations somewhere between 150,000 to 200,000 copies per issue.

The final issue of Shōjo Sekai was the December 1931 issue.[1]

Additionally to short shōjo comics, Shojo Sekai also included works of fiction and nonfiction, poetry, photography, and illustrations.


Shōjo Sekai first issue

1st issue of Shōjo Sekai

*Shōjo Sekai had a number of well known contributors over the years, including the following:
  • Sazanami Iwaya (巌谷小波), author, children's author, editor, publisher
  • Yasunari Kawabata, novelist and short story author
  • Chiyo Kitagawa (北川 千代), children's author
  • Tama Morita, essayist
  • Midori Osaki (尾崎翠), novelist
  • Kikuko Oshima (尾島 菊子), author
  • Akiko Yosano, poet, feminist, pacifist, and social reformer

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