Pucchigumi is a Japanese monthly children's manga magazine published by Shogakukan. Several different manga titles, and adaptations aimed at young female readers have been serialized in the magazine in its decade long history. The latest circulation figures places the magazine at 89,333 copies which is around the middle of the circulation listα when compared to other magazines.


Pucchigumi first began publication in July, 2006 with the targeted audience aimed at girls, a study of readership done shows that the highest percentage of readers are elementary school aged children.[2] In addition to doing original series, other manga series based on franchises have also been serialized in the magazine. Pucchigumi publishes works that Shogakukan has the rights to that include upcoming anime releases, to serialized manga.[3] Past serialized titles include Lilpri which ran in the magazine between 2009, and 2011, as well as manga adaptations of Jewelpet, and Tamagotchi. Several different titles are currently being serialized in the magazine, these include Happy Kappy, Pretty Rhythm, and a manga adaptation of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. The most recent title added is a manga adaptation of Pop in Q which started in September, 2016.

For advertisement, a few characters have appeared more than once on the front covers of the magazine. In March, 2013 Shogakukan released via youtube a song dubbed Pucchigumi's song (ぷっちぐみのうた?). The promotion song features a purple haired girl who wears a bow with the letter "P" in the middle, dancing with a flying white rabbit.