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Shojo Beat issue featuring Vampire Knight

Because of the popularity of shōjo manga in Japan, manga originally serialized in Japanese magazines have been re-serialized in magazines around the world. These magazines are very similar to their Japanese counterparts, and some even feature sections on the pop culture of Japan.


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Manga magazines outside of Japan is a relatively new thing, and only started sometime in 1990's. So far only three magazines were published in North America with a notable shōjo emphasis, Smile (Tokyopop), Shojo Beat, and Animerica Extra (Both Viz Media). However, both are no longer published.


Magazine name Language Country First issue Last issue Demographic Frequency Publisher
Animerica Extra English North America 1998 2004 Shōjo Monthly Viz Media
Daisuki German Germany 2003-01   Shōjo Monthly Carlsen Verlag
(Indonesian version of Hana to Yume and LaLa)
  Indonesia   2010-12-2 Shōjo    
Manga Twister German Germany     Shōjo/Shōnen    
Nakayoshi: Gress!   Indonesia     Shōjo   Elex Media Komputindo
Shojo Beat English North America 2005-07 2009-07 Shōjo Monthly Viz Media
Shojo Stars Swedish Sweden     Shōjo    
Smile English North America 1998-10 2002 Shōjo   Tokyopop

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