Ribon magazine featuring Sakura Hime Kaden

Shōjo is a popular demographic aimed primarily at girls in Japan. Manga featuring shōjo themes are typically serialized in magazines first. These magazines feature several series running concurrently with each other and are referred to as "anthology magazines".


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The first girls magazine titled, Shōjo Kai was first published in 1903 and ran to 1912. Many magazines followed, such as Shōjo Sekai and the long-running, Shōjo no Tomo. The manga magazines began to cease in World War II. However, a few survived and others were started.

To branch out from the "Shōjo" title, publishers began naming magazines other things though still girlish in nature. Examples include Ribon and Nakayoshi.


Magazine name Japanese name First issue Last issue Demographic Frequency Publisher
Amie 1997 1999 Shōjo Monthly Kodansha
Aria アリア 2010-07-28   Shōjo Monthly Kodansha
Asuka Ciel あすかCIEL     Shōjo, Yaoi   Kadokawa Shoten
Asuka Fantasy DX 月刊ASUKAファンタジーDX 1994-06 2000-11 Shōjo Monthly Kadokawa Shoten
Be x Boy   1993-03   Shōjo, Yaoi Monthly Libre Publishing
Bessatsu Friend 別冊フレンド 1965-03   Shōjo Monthly Kodansha
Bessatsu Hana to Yume 別冊花とゆめ 1977-07   Shōjo Monthly Hakusensha
Bessatsu Margaret 別冊マーガレット 1964   Shōjo Monthly Shueisha
Betsucomi ベツコミ 1970   Shōjo Monthly Shogakukan
Cheese! チーズ! 1996-07-24   Shōjo Monthly Shogakukan
ChuChu ちゅちゅ 2000-08 2009-12 Shōjo Monthly Shogakukan
Ciao ちゃお 1977-09-03   Shōjo Monthly Shogakukan
Comic Blade Brownie コミックブレイドブラウニー 2008-12-10   Shōnen/Shōjo Quarterly Mag Garden
Comic Crimson コミック クリムゾン 1998-03 2003-05 Shōjo Bimonthly Sobisha
Comic Slyph シルフ 2006-12-09   Shōjo Monthly ASCII Media Works
Cookie クッキー 1999   Shōjo Monthly Shueisha
Dessert デザート 1996-07   Shōjo Monthly Kodansha
Hana to Yume 花とゆめ 1974-05   Shōjo Semimonthly Hakusensha
Hanayume EX 花ゆめEX 1983 1985 Shōjo Semiannual Hakusensha
LaLa ララ 1976-07   Shōjo Monthly Hakusensha
LaLa DX ララ デラックス 1983-07-09   Shōjo Monthly Hakusensha
Margaret マーガレット 1963   Shōjo Semimonthly Shueisha
Melody メロディ     Shōjo Monthly Hakusensha
Mimi ミミ 1975 1996 Shōjo Monthly Kodansha
Monthly Asuka 月刊あすか 1985   Shōjo Monthly Kadokawa Shoten
Monthly Comic Avarus
(formerly Monthly Comic Blade Avarus)
(formerly 月刊コミックブレイドアヴァルス)
2007-09   Shōjo Monthly Mag Garden
Monthly Comic Zero Sum 月刊コミックZERO-SUM 2002-03   Shōjo Monthly Ichijinsha
Nakayoshi なかよし 1954-12   Shōjo Monthly Kodansha
Nakayoshi Lovely なかよしラブリー 2003   Shōjo Semimonthly Kodansha
Princess プリンセス 1974   Shōjo Monthly Akita Shoten
Princess Gold プリンセスGOLD 1979   Shōjo Monthly Akita Shoten
Ribon りぼん 1955-08   Shōjo Monthly Shueisha
Ribon Original りぼんオリジナル 1981 2006-06 Shōjo Bimonthly Shueisha
RunRun るんるん   1998-01 Shōjo   Kodansha
Shōjo Comic 少女コミック 1968-04   Shōjo Semimonthly Shogakukan
Shōjo Friend 少女フレンド 1962 1996-09 Shōjo Monthly Kodansha
Wings 月刊ウィングス 1982   Shōjo Monthly Shinshokan

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