Be Love, a popular josei magazine

Josei is a demographic aimed towards women in their late teens and young adults. The stories tend to be about everyday experiences of women living in Japan. Though there are some that cover high school, most cover the lives of adult women. These manga series were typically serialized in magazines before volume publication.


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Josei manga began to appear in the 1980's, during a boom period in manga, when the girls who had read shōjo manga in the 1950's and 60's wanted manga for adult women. The first ladies comic magazine, Be Love, was printed in 1980. Early ladies comics were sexually free, but the comics became more and more sexually extreme towards the early 1990's. Manga branded as "Ladies' Comics" has acquired a reputation for being low-brow, and "dirty", and the term josei was created to move away from that image.


Magazine name Japanese name First issue Last issue Demographic Frequency Publisher
Aqua BL Kingdom アクアBLキングダム 2007   Josei, Yaoi   Okla Publishing
Be x Boy Gold   2006-06   Josei, Yaoi Bimonthly Libre Publishing
Be Love ビー·ラブ 1980   Josei Semimonthly Kodansha
Big Comic For Lady ビッグコミックfor Ladies     Josei   Shogakukan
(formerly Chorus)
ココハナ 1994-05-28   Josei Monthly Shueisha
Comic Amour       Josei   Dream Maker
Cutie Comic キューティ·コミック 1998 2000-07 Josei Monthly Takarajimasha
Fanny ファニー     Josei    
Feel Young フィール·ヤング     Josei Monthly Shodensha
Flowers フラワーズ 2002-04-27   Josei Monthly Shogakukan
For Mrs. フォアミセス 1986-12   Josei Monthly Akita Shoten
Jossie ジョシィ     Josei Irregular Hakusensha
Judy ジュディ   2008-08-23 Josei Monthly Shogakukan
Kiss キス 2007-12-25   Josei Semimonthly Kodansha
Petit Comic プチコミック     Josei Monthly Shogakukan
Silky シルキー     Josei Monthly Hakusensha
Yan Mama Comic ヤンママコミック 1995 1997 Josei Monthly Kasakura Publishing
You ユー 1980   Josei Semimonthly Shueisha
Young Rose ヤングローズ     Josei    
Young You ヤングユー 1986-05 2005-10 Josei Monthly Shueisha

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