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Magazine information
Demographic Shōjo
Frequency Monthly
Circulation 77,273 (2011)
Company Shueisha
First issue 1999
Last issue
Country Japan

Cookie is a shōjo manga magazine published by Shueisha. The magazine is well known for it's publication of Nana by Ai Yazawa.

In 1996, the Ribon editing department at Shueisha began publishing a manga magazine called Ribon Teens which featured a mixture of both the then-new and popular Ribon manga artists like Ai Yazawa, Miho Obana, and Mihona Fujii, and classic Ribon manga artists like Jun Hasegawa, Koi Ikeno, and Aoi Hiiragi. This magazine was published a couple of times in 1996 and 1997 before folding. In 1999, Shueisha revived the Ribon Teens concept in a new magazine which soon received the title Cookie. The first issue of Cookie was soon published and the second issue followed in May 2000.

Other popular series in Cookie include Honey Bitter by Miho Obana, Clover by Toriko Chiya, and Good Morning Kiss by Yue Takasuka.

Serialized titlesEdit

Current titlesEdit

Title Author/Artist Genre First issue Last issue
Akazukin Chacha N Min Ayahana Magical girl, comedy 2012 Ongoing
Clover[1] Toriko Chiya Romance Ongoing
Good Morning Kiss Yue Takasuka Romance 2007-05-15 Ongoing
Honey Bitter Miho Obana Mystery, Romance 2004-02 Ongoing
Kisakae Yuka-chan Akiko Higashimura - 2001-08-07 Ongoing
Kiyoku Yawaku Ryo Ikuemi Romance 2004-11-25 Ongoing
Nana Ai Yazawa Drama, Romance, Slice of life 2000-05-15 Hiatus

Past titlesEdit

Title Author/Artist Genre First issue Last issue
12 Kagetsu Mari Okazaki Drama, romance 2002
21 Seiki no Kimi e Kumiko Saiki School life, science fiction 2005
Kirakira 100% Megumi Mizusawa Romance 2003-05 2006*
Misty Boy Koi Ikeno Romance 2002 2002
Tokimeki Midnight Koi Ikeno - 2002-12-11 2007*

* - refers to volume release.

Cookie BoxEdit

Cookie Box is a special edition version of Cookie first published in 2000. Good Morning Kiss and Tokimeki Midnight have both been serialized in Cookie Box.

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  1. Clover was originally serialized in Bouquet.

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